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How are We Going to Reach Out to Our Current and Past Visitors?

26 September 2008 2 Comments

We mentioned in the article launching our blog that we wanted to reach out to our past visitors and talk to them about some of the things that made a visit to Chaa Creek an adventure, things that made it special, and learn about some of the things they would like to experience again.

We want to create the opportunity for you to get to know us better. We also want to create the opportunity for you to see and experience everything that Chaa Creek and Belize have to offer.
We want to enable you to explore, absorb and immerse yourself in the artifacts of Mayan culture. If we can help you to experience the beauty of a tropical rainforest in Belize this too would help us to achieve our goals. We want you to share the passion for this area and for nature and for history in a way that cannot be done in many destinations and other resorts around the world.

Now, we have been here for decades. We have seen some amazing things and still see new things almost every day, but we can not experience Chaa Creek like you can. We can’t fully appreciate how this experience feels the first time you journey into the rainforest, the first time you climb to see the temples at El Castillo, or the first time you swim and tube through an under ground cave.

We have been written about in a number of travel guides and review services and many many areas. People share videos of Chaa Creek on YouTube and pictures on Flickr. We not only want to share our experiences and passion for Chaa Creek, but we want you to be able to see the amazing experiences that are other guests have experienced over the years. The Internet does make this possible in a limited capacity and we will do our best to capture the essence of those experiences and share them with you so that you can then come visit us and immerse yourself in a great adventure in Belize, and Chaa Creek and in our family resort.

We also want to enable our guests and visitors of the past, present and future to share some of their stories, pictures, videos and wisdom gained throughout these visits. We do believe that we can help our guests have a better experience through our time spent here at Chaa Creek, but our guests and visitors can also help each other with their stories, and help us to help other visitors.

Some people seek out an adventure vacation package like they might choose an à la cart meal or they like they might seek another peg on a map, another mark in their journey. If that’s what you’re seeking we can provide that, but we can also provide so much more through an experience like almost no other resort can offer. With your help, your own experiences and stories, your questions and insights we can help make your trip an amazing adventure that you will may never forget.

You are welcome in Belize, welcome in Chaa Creek, welcome in the rain forest and surroundings, and welcome in our resort!

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