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Welcome to the Chaa Creek Blog!

25 September 2008 5 Comments

Welcome to the new Chaa Creek Blog. Over the last 20+ years Chaa Creek has been growing into its own. It is a beautiful destination and place where you can experience the Belize rainforest, the history of the Mayan culture, a spectacular nature reserve and much, much more. Our personal connection to our friends, guests and visitors has always been a central part of the Chaa Creek resort experience.

We are launching this blog to help people to establish a connection with Chaa Creek before and after you journey to our resort. We offer a very personal journey when they come to Chaa Creek. We started by essentially offering a great place for friends and family to stay when they came to visit us at our family farm in Belize. Over time, more people became our friends and extended family and we grew to accommodate their visits and help more and more people experience the beauty of Chaa Creek.

imageNow, we don’t want this to sound like a marketing campaign, that’s not what Chaa Creek is about, and it’s difficult to put into words just how amazing this area of the world is. However, we are hoping to enable more people to get to know us and Chaa Creek better through our blog. So we are going to reach out and meet you through the Internet, have a conversation with you, about what inspired us to begin this resort, to make the upgrades to our home and farm, and even to expand the resort to include a butterfly hatching ground and grow to encompass the Medicine Trail.

Our growth has been inspired by our guests. We have and always will continue to listen to our guests. We grow and improve in response to the visitors that help make this a beautiful place to visit. There is simply too much beauty in Chaa Creek for one person or family to see. We try to enable our guests to get the most out of our visit. But each new visitor often sees something new, focuses on something important to them, and helps to renew our own sense of the beauty and importance of this area.

So please send us your comments and don’t forget to add images and web video links, if you have them.

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