Beginning the Adventure – Getting to Chaa Creek in Belize


Before you can experience Chaa Creek, explore the rainforest, or search the ruins of Mayan temples, you have to get here first! The adventure starts with the travel, and the travel here is part of the adventure, but we promise the adventure only gets better once you are here.

Belize is only about 800 miles from Miami. That’s only about a 100 minute flight from Miami International. Once you land, you can then take a shuttle to our resort.

Here is a quick view at some guests that wanted to share their trip into the resort through YouTube. It can be a cozy little ride if you come with a big group or family, but we promise when you reach the expanse of this nature reserve covering hundreds of acres, it will be well worth the ride.

Then once you get here, we need to get you settled and rested after your trip.  This is just a quick view of the grounds at Chaa Creek.

In many ways each one of these quick little videos represents a gem in the rough, a glimpse into the setting of Chaa Creek. For us, it is a beautiful lifestyle, for some it is a dream away from home and for others its a great adventure. In some ways, its all of those things and beautiful too.

Once you are settled and unpacked, then you will be ready for the real adventure to commence.

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