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22 October 2008 4 Comments

We launched our new Belize Travel Blog for Chaa Creek last month.  Like a new home, after you build it, you then have to move in.  Well, we have finished building our blog and have been very busy working on moving into it.  Now, we are ready to show you around a bit, introduce you to some of the things we are doing here on our blog as well as at the Chaa Creek resort, and then we can all sit back, relax and talk a bit.  :)


So first we’d like to show you how to navigate the blog a little bit.  We are working to keep everything arranged and organized as efficiently as possible with categories and tags to help you find what you are looking for.


That is somewhat easy right now, because like a new home, they are typically a lot less cluttered when you first move in!  After you have lived in them a while, things get a little more cramped for space.  Our blog is still pretty new and we are still working to fill it up with articles and videos, but we hope that our design will be able to handle the growth, and we will probably make some minor adjustments along the way when we find something that needs adjusting.  If you see something that needs fixing, please let us know!

Staying in Touch with Subscriptions

We can’t expect you to stop by our home and talk with us every day or even every week.  However, you can keep up to date with what is happening at Chaa Creek by subscribing to our blog. You can subscribe to receive email updates or if you use a ‘feed reader’ such as Google Feed reader, you can read the latest headlines and articles via a subscription.  You are always welcome, but sometimes its easier just to catch up from your inbox.  :)


Your Cool Videos and maybe a few of Ours Too!

We definitely want to share with you some of the great cool videos that our past guests and visitors have taken and shared with the world.  Our resort and the Chaa Creek area is unquestionably beautiful.  This makes it very easy for anyone to capture and shoot video or share pictures that are often times breath taking and almost always beautiful.  YouTube and Flickr make it very easy for us to share these great videos and images and get us talking about them, where they were taken, what the circumstances might have been and what future guests my expect or enjoy doing in the future.  We hope you enjoy these, and if you have videos or pictures of your own, let us know!


So this has been something of the quick tour, we hope you take a look around at your leisure.  You are always welcome and we look forward to sharing great things with you!

Technorati tags: Chaa Creek, ChaaCreek, Belize, Belize Travel, Belize Travel Blog
Technorati tags: Chaa Creek, ChaaCreek, Belize, Belize Travel, Belize Travel Blog

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