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Cave Tubing in Belize: Down the Macal River

28 October 2008 4 Comments

Imagine yourself floating on an innertube in the Macal River within a rain forest in Belize. Your hands and toes are dangling in the water. You have what is a perfect view of the rain forest, the sky and the river in front of you. Your hand reaches out into the water and cups the current initiating a slow spin in a circle as you continue down river.

The only sounds in your ears are coming from the rain forest itself, from birds and insects and then as you’re passing by a brilliantly green group of trees, an eruption of white birds fly out of the foliage as they further on down into the rainforest.

Now imagine experiencing this and many other similar events time and time and time again as you float down this river, and prepare for one of the very unique adventures that you can experience in Belize known as Cave tubing. Cave tubing is exactly what it sounds like, it’s you floating on an inner tube through an ancient underground cave system that was even utilize by the Mayans a over 1000 years ago.

Here is one account and a few images from another visitor to Belize.

We hiked for around 45 minutes up to these amazing caves where we hoped in inner tubes and headed down river. We had headlamps to see where we were going in the dark. Nate had his video camera and managed to grab some good footage.


Here is the video that corresponds to those magical snapshots and account.

Now seriously, Can you imagine having seen that video and not making the trip to experience this for yourself? :)

If you are not convinced yet, there are many many more videos where this came from and they just get more beautiful and more interesting. If an innertube is not your preferred mode of river transportation there are regular canoe tours as well.

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