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Belize Cave Tubing the Large Group Experience – Lots of Fun

28 November 2008 No Comment


If you have never heard of tubing before, you are in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to tubing in Belize. If you have been on tubing adventures on rivers or creeks elsewhere in the world, we promise that you will have a unique experience tubing through caves in Belize.


We covered this with a great example of cave tubing last month, this video from a different group of visitors shows more of a ‘group’ example of how this tour can work. The point is that depending on what type of adventure you are looking for in Belize, you can find group tours like this one, or smaller group adventures like in the previous example, and many more ways of achieving your dream vacation.


Not only do you get to explore the river and the rainforest while floating on the water itself, but you get to explore these amazing cave systems. The entire trip is guided and supervised by tour guides that are both competent and keeping you safe, but also capable of keeping things fun too.

This video shows some amazing adventures that other people have experience coming to Belize, and it is very hard not to imagine enjoying this experience yourself, both for the shear beauty of the surroundings and the trip but for those of you taking a vacation and looking for fun, you can’t miss it here!

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