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Take a Glimpse at the Amazing Mayan Ruins that Are Available to Tour from Chaa Creek

24 November 2008 No Comment

Today, we’re sharing a great slide show of some Mayan sites. The slide show covers some visitors that went to Caracol, Xunantunich and Tikal. They walked away with some amazing pictures.

You might want to turn the sound down on your speakers for this slide show :)

Belize Mayan Temples – Caracol, Xunantunich and Tikal

Mayan Sites in Belize and Guatemala. Caracol, Xunantunich and Tikal.

Then we took a look at a video put together by DiscoveringBelize.com, that features an interview with Jaime Awe, the Minister of Archeology for Belize.

In this video we talked to Jaime Awe, Minister of Archeology for Belize, to get his views on the Mayan civilization. Belize has a rich Mayan heritage, boasting many ruins and artifacts. Today, these massive stone temples lay dormant, surrounded by overgrown forests. But to the keen observer, they tell a story of a great civilization. The Maya were a technologically advanced civilization. When Christopher Columbus landed on the New World, the calendar the Europeans were using was actually less accurate than the one the Maya had already developed! Their art, hieroglyphs, religion and culture have fascinated many curious minds.

In many ways, when you visit Belize you will be amazed at how much archeologists and historians have uncovered and discovered in Belize about the Mayan culture.

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