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Belize Wedding: Saying “I Do!” in Belize

30 January 2009 One Comment

So, you did it, you finally popped “the question” or you said, “Of course, darling!” when the question popped…now for the planning, the preparation, the details, how, where, when, etc., etc. Traditionally, couples eventually wind up on a beach somewhere for the honeymoon to relax after all that planning and prepping…but what if you started there? Couples are now making the most of their time and taking their vows right on the beach – and getting hitched in Belize is quickly gaining popularity for a variety of reasons!

Firstly, marrying in Belize is an easy process. A marriage license costs US$100 for non-Belizeans, and at least one of you must have been resident in the country for three calendar days before submitting a license application. Blood tests are not required. You must have parent’s consent if under 18, and if either party was previously married, proof of divorce or widowhood must be presented with the application. Some resorts will handle many of the formalities for you, making it even easier.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, this little country is acclaimed as having the clearest water in the Caribbean and some of the most picturesque locations for a beach wedding that you will ever encounter. Belize offers a stunning locale that has a quirky and memorable ambiance that you will both remember for a lifetime. I think Belize represents a quaint, if not idyllic, location to have a beach wedding because the beaches are not overly wide and each one boasts a gorgeous backdrop of palm trees. Some of the best “wedding beaches” in Belize are located on the Placencia Peninsula and Ambergris Caye since they are pristine and plunge into crystal-clear, blue ocean waters.

Thirdly – and definitely a very good reason – the exchange rate is certainly very attractive with nearly as one US dollar will get you two Belize dollars! For about US$2,500, couples will get a full package that includes a minister or justice of the peace, flowers for groom and bride, cake, spa time and other special amenities. Beautiful and affordable Belize accommodations can be found throughout the island with rates hovering at about US$135-200 per night…in paradise!

And last but certainly not the least of the very good reasons to choose Belize for your wedding is that the people of here are as warm-hearted and beautifully welcoming as their country! Your special day will truly be memorable in every way.

….Of course, in Belize, since the law was recently changed and weddings may be performed anywhere in the tiny, beautiful country, there is always the option of a Mayan Temple as the wedding backdrop too…The ceremony is rich and deeply spiritual. A good destination wedding planner can help you with arrangements if this is something that interests you!