Amazing Story of Adventure Diving-the Great Blue Hole in Belize

We would like to introduce you to the Great Blue Hole of Belize located in the great Barrier Reef of Belize. This is a natural sinkhole that is about 1000 feet across and close to 500 feet deep. It is ringed by stalagmites, and there is even a cave that you can reach near the blue hole. It is one of the largest Blue Holes in the world.

The Blue Hole is a huge sinkhole (~1 km across) in the middle of the Southwestern Carribean. The hole is several hundred feet deep and is famous for its underwater caverns and abundance of SHARKS!!!

Now, we would like to share with you, this great comment we found on a blog about a diver to win to the blue hole about 10 years ago. This is really an amazing little story, worth the read. Even if you are not a diver you can definitely appreciate the adventure, and it might give you some ideas for your next vacation.

I dove the hole in December 1999 with 3 friends from Connecticut and New Jersey…the trip out was probably all of 2+ hours in 4-6 foot waves…people got sick and it was a miserable trip….weather cleared as we arrived and the dive master propositioned chumming the water at 150 feet, which was our destination for 6 mins, as there would be sharks, “no doubt” he said…the majority of us agreed to do it…I guess there was probably 8 of us + 2 dive masters…with many tanks at 15 feet for our return decompression, we descended to 40 feet before swiftly descending to 150+….before I knew it I was getting narced and realized I was at 120 too fast…everyone kept going? my dive buddy finally noticed my delay and waited for me at 140ish….I could see the sharks circling below, probably 5 or 6…. normalized, I joined him and finished our descent to 155 feet to join the others….we spent 2 minutes exploring all the formations on the walls….we had a little drama as one of our group did not stop and was at 170+ and falling when I frantically motioned to the dive master…the crazy dude went down like a submarine, grabbed him by the nape of the neck and brought him back up…phew! Narced for sure!!! Reorganized, we had backs to the wall as the divemaster unzipped his fanny pack and chummed the water…feeding frenzy ensued with perhaps 9-12 sharks…there were so many and it was like a dream sequence….we quickly ascended and decompressed for probably close to 30 minutes…TRULY INCREDIBLE LIFE EXPERIENCE!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, even a safe, tame, visit, if thats what your into….

If you have dived at the blue hole, we would love to hear your story too! 🙂

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