Eco-Friendly Luxury Resorts

Earth-Friendly Resorts That Cater to Body and Soul

 By Gretchen Kelly

When you think of eco-tourism, do you imagine tourists walking around in Birkenstocks, outhouses with brown toilet paper and vegan menus with a different bean dinner every night?

Well, think again. Eco-tourism is being practiced by some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world. Plus, eco-tours offer clients some of the most high-adrenalin thrills on the world travel market. Not only are these adventures fun, challenging and relaxing, they make you feel good about your trip afterward, too.

“Eco-tourism affords travelers the opportunity to directly benefit the people and places they visit by supporting conservation and protecting cultural heritage as well as economic development,” says Brian T. Mullis, president of the Sustainable Tourism Institute ( “Taking an eco-friendly vacation provides responsible travelers with an opportunity to do their part.”

Mullis cites all these operators and resorts as known for “best sustainable tourism practices.” Many have received awards and, most importantly, all have been audited by an independent third party.

Get out your passport, pack your cruelty-free walking shoes, and give yourself a green light for adventure by visiting The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

About Chaa Creek

Owned and operated by a charmingly eccentric and hospitable British couple, The Lodge at Chaa Creek was one of the first eco-lodges opened in Belize. What began as a few villas for backpackers is now a full-on five-star resort with a spa where the healing ministrations of local Mayan oils and herbs put your body in harmony with the lush surroundings. Don’t miss excursions like horseback trips through dense rainforest bush or a twilight punt on the glasslike Chaa Creek itself.


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