Mountain Pine Ridge

Covering more than 300 square miles of natural phenomena, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is a spectacular range of rolling hills and jagged peak formed from some of the oldest rocks in Central America.  In amongst these granite outcrops there are also some sections of limestone, riddled with superb caves, the most accessible of which is the Rio Frio Cave with its enormous 65 feet high entrance.  Stepping stones will lead you inside and along the upper edge of the dim, massive cathedral-like vault.  A stream flows through the center far below, and huge stalactites hang overhead in this other- worldly place.  This area provides much of the water to the central part of the country via streams and rivers.  One of the most scenic rivers is the Rio On, rushing over cataracts and forming the gorgeous Rio On Pools, a sight of tremendous natural beauty and a gorgeous spot for a swim.

Another magnificent sight within the Mountain Pine Ridge is Hidden Valley Falls, also known as the 1,000 Foot Falls, although they happen to be 1,600 ft. high, is the highest waterfall in Central America.  From the scenic overlook you can watch the thin plume of water plunge down the cliff and disappear into the lush forest below.  Big Rock Falls is yet another spectacular waterfall that cascades nearly 100 feet into a natural swimming pool. 


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