Olivia Loved It!

Now what in the world does a 7 year old girl from Texas do in a tropical jungle?  Go on a Treasure Hunt, of course!  And that is just what she did.  In fact, Olivia was the very first young explorer to sign up for Chaa Creek’s newest educational activity for kids, the Nature Quest Treasure Hunt.  This adventurous mini-trek is lead by a professional naturalist guide and takes children on a mission of tropical discovery through the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve.  Along the trail, the guide will point out many of the tropical plants and animals that are found within the reserve and share the importance of conserving tropical forests and their inhabitants.  Facts are also shared about the ancient Maya who once called Belize their home and unearthed scrabbled clues found along the way will lead the youthful explorers to an exciting hidden treasure that is theirs for the keeping. 


Olivia exclaimed that it was “Really Cooool!”, and her mom, Ginger, declared it, “The best thing that we have done on our vacation . . . and I learned some cooool stuff myself!”   It seems that mom, Ginger, and dad, Bob, are still very much young at heart themselves because judging from the smiles on their faces; it was hard to determine who had the most fun.  Although, Olivia found the treasure!


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