Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay #7

This is a dream come true for me!  Ever since I was small I have been attracted to the outdoors. I first started out by getting certified as a Scuba diver and exploring the ocean underneath.  I would read about all the incredible locations in Belize that one could dive and dreaming of going there when I grew up.

Later in life I expanded my areas of interest into camping in nature and kayaking. I live in South Florida and about the closest that you can get to nature is in the Everglades. As beautiful as that is it cannot compare to the unspoiled jungle such as is found in Belize.

I have looked into vacationing in places such as Belize at a resort integrated with nature but my finaces have restricted me up until now and staying at Chaa Creek would be a dream come true in so many ways. To experience unspoiled nature and its beauties and be able to capture that with my photography would be incredible.  I am sure that the five days I spend at Chaa Creek would be one vacation that I would never forget.

My wife did not grow up as I did and never was the adventurous type like me.  I know that this trip would be an experience that she would also never forget. I know for certain that one of the things that she would definitely want to try is the spa at Chaa Creek. I know that I will have to budget for this or she will definitely disown me.

So if you want to make someong happy and make his dreams come true you will definitely have to make sure that I win this contest.  You can also be sure that the word will travel fast and wide of my experience there.

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