Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#39

I would like to tell a story, well a love story, that all started with the dream of Belize…. A lady and a man…..met one afternoon by pure chance (they will say fate) .  They were drawn together into the same room where the TV was on and a travel show was booming out the awesome sensations, sights and travel tips for cave tubing in Belize.  They intantly burst into full exciting conversation about how they both had wanted to go to Belize and cave tube.  A day would hardly pass by after that, where they weren’t calling texting, or emailing….Belize as their center attraction.  After a few short weeks lady asked man if he would take a chance and go to Belize with HER!….He said YES!!  They made a plan to work weekends until they had enough money to fully enjoy ALL that they had wanted to do in Bellize…tubing, horseback riding, hiking, ruins, rum tours, zip line, and check out as much local art, and cuisine and social life as possible. Monkeys and butterflies…jungle and small town hospitality they wanted it all.  Painting pictures and writting poems of things, places, sights and sounds that they had never seen before…merely dreamed about. They were always on web sites that displayed the heart and soul of Belize, trying to decide where to go first, and what would be the best place to experince what. THey always ended up with Chaa Creek. A place that offered so much of what they have been longing for….. 

  One day lady said to man,  “The man that can take my hand and jump off a cliff has a great start to getting my heart” Now the story turns from friends to lovers to soul mates.  He thinks he can jump! Lady smiles alot!!  They have plans to get a treehouse for just one night…his birthday…. They are working on it…one weekend at a time.  Their love started with a dream of Belize…. It would be great to see it a reality!!

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