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Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#31

15 October 2009 One Comment


Why Belize? Why Chaa Creek? Why not?

This past year I have convinced myself that I will see Belize before I visit any other country. When asked “why Belize?”, the answers (almost seemingly endless) most often end with an excited butterfly filled stomach response about a gorgeous tree house suite in the jungle at a place called Chaa Creek. It was hard to discover such a beautiful location in such tough economical times.

As an adventurous Canadian who has never travelled out of North America, I have recently decided to dedicate all efforts in making a trip to Belize.

Having Mennonite heritage, I am intrigued of the history of the Mennonite migration to Belize as well.For over a year now I have researched the Country of Belize, and still grow more and more inspired to visit everyday.

Chaa Creek, surrounded in natural beauty of the Cayo is located in a central area to all the things I long to discover and achieve in Belize.

You can go horseback riding almost anywhere, but where better than in the Cayo district of Belize, within the rainforest along guided paths through ancient Maya sites?

I have adventured through many Canadian wilderness sights from the Rockies to the northern Saskatchewan woodlands. This makes a trek into the 365 acre nature reserve of unspoiled paradise set in the foothills of the Maya Mountains an obvious desire.

I have seen mines, camps, trails and trading posts preserved and protected. These sights are only near 100 years old and almost extinguished by modern development.

What could possibly deliver a more chilling impact to the nature explorer than a tour through a rare ancient sacrificial chamber deep within the caves of the rainforest, where you can see skeletal remains of the famed crystallized maiden. As well as the existing ruins of a mysterious past civilization at your feet! Canoeing along the Macal River surrounded in lush tropical vegetation. What could possibly be more breathtaking?

Although I realize these are all features of Belize and not specific to Chaa Creek itself, it sets the bar to the environment in which it resides.

Surrounded by such natural history, culture and archaeology, The Lodge at Chaa Creek gives a sense of ambiance that I have not yet been able to ignore.

I must give credit to the website. Of all the research I have done on Belize, (especially within the Cayo district) chaacreek.com leaves me with a sense of first class hospitality. As a graphic designer I thoroughly appreciate a website with options that does not leave me with a hundred more questions.

Once viewing the accommodations online I had a difficult time justifying the thought of traveling all the way to Belize and not stopping at Chaa Creek.

Palm thatched cottages, Jacuzzi suites and treetop Jacuzzi suites!!!! WOW! I have spent too many nights attempting to visualize myself in the heart of the Cayo, in a beautiful suite listening to such sounds foreign to myself as the howler monkeys and exotic birds.

I completely understand that Belize relies most heavily on sustainable tourism for its economical development. Chaa Creek stands out as a top-notch resort that does not model as a typical Belize accommodation.

Chaa Creek’s commitment to promote people like me and future generations to have the chance to experience something so unique and preserved is very refreshing.

Working with groups like the World Heritage Alliance & Rainforest Alliance as well as being Belize’s first ever Green Globe Certified business, would compel me to choose Chaa Creek for its world class environmental practices and achievements alone.

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