Thank You For Your Participation

Yesterday was an exciting day at Chaa Creek as seven little school girls from St. Andrews Primary came into the office during lunch break to pick the winning tickets in the Nature Quest Sweepstakes Lottery. Having read all your entries, tallied your scores and followed the contest from beginning to end, we were on pins and needles as the winning entries were chosen. We would now like to take another few moments of your time to say Thank You for your participation and the time you spent writing your delightful essays and answering our questions on-line. Hopefully our sweepstakes contest was as much fun for you as it was for us and now that you know the route, we are hoping that you will join in the next contest that begins later this month. We will be sending you notice for the next quest before it goes out to the general public to give you a heads-up opportunity. The odds for winning the first time round were excellent as five hopefuls were chosen out of the 38 participants who managed a grade of 85 or more on the quiz. We thank you once again, and look forward to hearing from you for our next sweepstakes offering!

With all best Belizean regards, The Chaa Creek Team.

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