Belize Family Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#1

We are a big family coming from French Polynesia and are very eager to travel rewardingly to new destinations that promote sustainable development and cultural sites. We always take vacation together in off-the beaten path places in order to share special intimate moments abroad and discover far-flung natural paradise. Central America shelters the best eco-tourism trips in the world and we will be very happy to help this kind of tourism to expand. At home, we mostly eat organic-farmed products to stay healthy and we praise fair business by buying certified coffees. We will be very proud to live in an environmental-friendly lodge that respects many important ethical aspects like employing local people.

Belize truly represents the must-see destination for us since we have never seen Maya Temples and we are really interested in cultures other than our own especially the pre-Columbian ones.

We all need vacation as we are passing through hard times, I’ve just lost my job and this bad news has affected my whole family. So I will really appreciate to win a vacation to realize an unreachable dream in a tropical sunny island very different from mine. We prefer countries at a human size like Belize rather than urbanized crowded nations.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is relaxing as it mixes comfort like spa treatment and adventure like the night walk. My niece who is 5 years old will have the possibility to enjoy a visit to The Morpho Butterfly while I will be dazzled by the Blue hole. We are an active family and the Chaa Creek offers many activities that match the expectations for persons of all ages. Being immersed in an English-speaking environment will enable me to improve my English and make my niece aware of the existence of various past and present cultures.

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