A Belize Family Vacation (Essay#6)

Welcome to a world so steeped in history that one needs only to open one’s eyes if you are looking to be fascinated. A family vacation in Belize is worth a hundred social studies classes for children. And a great way for mom and dad to experience first hand, what they were once taught from books. Hiking through temples or snorkeling the reefs, there is more to discover than you could ever imagine. There is archaeological mystery hidden above and below the earth that are waiting to be discovered by you and your family. Gold, ruins, architecture, and natural wonders are all a part of Belize. If you want to know how an ancient culture lived, you can find out. If you want to know what untamed jungle has survived through the decades, you can experience it. Wildlife is another spectacle to be enjoyed while in Belize. From birds of the rainforest’s to fascinating fish in the reefs, and who knows what species will be unearthed when you saddle up and take a trail ride, either through the forest or in the mountains! Mom and dad can be pampered in top of resort life style with all kinds of Spa packages, getting rested and ready to take the kids on the popular Creatures of the Night Walk. If you want your kids to learn and grow from their vacation, Belize is the best destination. The ECO KIDS Adventure has a learning adventure geared for different age groups, so that kids from 6 to 15 will enjoy every minute of their other worldly vacation! Anything for everyone is the order of everyday in beautiful Belize!

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