Belize Family Vacation Sweepstakes Essay# 2

My 12 year old son has listened to stories of Belize for the past couple of years.  He is truly a scientist in the making and his ears perk up when I do.  Do you know about the mating habits of the preying mantis and the quantity of babies they have? – I do (I learned that the hard way).  Do you know the life cycle of a butterfly? – I do.  There’s a wonderful butterfly farm at Chaa Creek so he would be in bug and butterfly heaven.  Do you know how to distinguish a bird by its nest?  I do – birds excite my son to no end and he has become an expert.  Belize has some of the most unique birds in the world and Chaa Creek is a birders paradise.  Have you read the book “Changeling Garden” where plants and other fauna protect a young boy from a Mayan deity?  My son is that boy and to explore a Mayan ruin from Chaa Creek would be icing on the cake.  Did you know that tad poles can grow into large frogs and that red horn worms morph into pupas like a butterfly? – I do because my son spent his birthday money on 4 tadpoles and 20 red horn worms (I don’t go in his room much anymore).  Chaa Creek is the perfect backdrop for my budding scientist to explore and study new bugs, birds and plants not seen in an urban environment.  How exciting to wake up before sunrise to spot a bird or a nighttime exploration where he can put his night goggles to good use besides our small backyard.  Chaa Creek would become his backyard and he’ll finally understand why Belize is my favorite destination and have stories of his own to tell about Chaa Creek.

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