The Importance of Hope, the Harpy Eagle

Once upon a time quite long ago, the majestic and powerful Harpy Eagle was the alpha predator in many parts of Central America. Through habitat loss, the Harpy was on the verge of extinction, but through a programme by the Peregrine Fund with partnership of the Belize Zoo, the largest Eagle of the Americas is making a comeback. And they are doing particularly well in Belize.

While the first one, named Panama, came to the Belize Zoo in 2003 the idea since has been to re-introduce them in the wild so that someday our children will be able to know this majestic creature as it exists in its natural habitat. That effort went one step farther yesterday when an eagle named Hope was given wings. Hope was flown into Belize from Panama last week and is tonight in the wild of the Rio Bravo Reserve. Through the kindness of Richard and Carol Foster we have images of Hope’s release at Rio Bravo.

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