The Jewel gets a new name – from a book of pictures

The Jewel gets a new name – from a book of pictures
Friday, 18.12.2009, 09:20am (GMT-6)

BY Adolph Lucas – The Reporter Newspaper

Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia and sponsor Armin Bedran at book launching.

Belize the Jewel is about to get a new label- Heavenly Belize. 

This is the name pilot-photographer Marius Jovaisa chose for his book of photographs about Belize. Last Wednesday, December 9, he released  the first copy, presenting it to Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia, at a ceremony at the Radisson Fort George Hotel 

The book is about landscapes and seascapes of breath-taking beauty by Lithuanian photographer Marius Jovaisa, who is also a publisher, and author of documentary films.  

Jovaisa’s first epic work, Unseen Lithuania published last year,  quickly became a bestseller.

Heavenly Belize, his second big album of aerial pictures, seems destined for a similar success. Jovaisa’s  one-man photographic exhibitions have been  featured in Australia, Argentina the  Canada,  France, Germany,  Ireland,  Italy, Japan,  and Spain, as well as in the United States. 

The photographs of Belize were taken from an experimental ultra-light aircraft designed for aerial photography. The aircraft is owned by Amin Bedran of Maya Flats Limited Belize. He is a distributor for the book.

Minister of Tourism,  Hon Manuel Heredia,  received the first copy of the book, and proclaimed that it was  a marvelous pictorial accomplishment.

The book is full of beautiful glossy pictures  of the  Barrier Reef,  the Blue Hole, the Chalillo reservoir, various lagoons, and rivers and other “heavenly” areas of  the country. 

“I hope that in this book I have successfully conveyed the country’s special attractions. Have an inspiring flight above Heavenly Belize!”Jovaisa said. 

“After viewing the beauty of Belize from the cockpit of a soaring ultra light aircraft, I could not help but share this spectacular vision with the world.  I fell in love with Belize against my will.” 

Marius Jovaisa was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1973. His skills as a pilot and as a photographer have taken him around the world and assured his place in the art world. 

His book, Heavenly Belize, is being sold for $125  at the Belize  Tourism Board and will be available in stores shortly.  To buy a copy of the book, please contact Ahmin Bedran  at 824-3255.

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