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Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#22)

15 January 2010 2 Comments

Living with an excellent cook, having friends over for a 7-course meal, eating locally grown food bought at the farmer’s market—all these are reasons why I am often disappointed with meals when I travel. But I was anything but disappointed at Chaa Creek.

First of all, the service was fantastic. When my daughter and I arrived for our first breakfast, the staff was waiting for us to get there—we were the only guests who hadn’t eaten yet. Second, the choices of food were different every day, and always wonderful. And every meal had a vegetarian choice, something many resorts ignore.

But best of all was the chicken soup. On our last evening at Chaa Creek, the chef featured a spicy chicken soup that was indescribably delicious. After we had finished it, the chef came out of the kitchen and chatted with the diners. I complimented him on the soup and asked if there was any chance of getting the recipe, knowing no California chef would give up a recipe for something so wonderful. But much to my surprise, he not only agreed to give me the recipe, but had it delivered to my room before I left the next day.

We have had the spicy chicken soup twice since I got home. And each time I am reminded of what a wonderful time I had at Chaa Creek and in Belize. Thank you!

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