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Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#24)

15 January 2010 No Comment

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is a place that I would love to visit. Its environment and history has drawn me to the area along with its rich culture. I have yearned to visit the ruins and beaches of the Belize for some time.

As a frequent traveler, I have gone on safaris, hiked volcanoes, toured the Great Pyramids, shopped at the Grand Bazaar, watched the fireworks in Sydney, performed in Salzburg, and swam in the Mediterranean Sea. I feel to truly experience traveling, you must become involved with the local culture and community.

I have always wanted to visit Belize and The Lodge seems to encompass a lot of what interests me when I travel. I am most interested in giving back to the community and traveling to help support localism. I have also helped rebuild houses in New Orleans. And, I have tutored students from third world countries both in the U.S. and abroad. I believe creating bonds and friendships with the community you are visiting creates a richer traveling experience. It is very important to me to give back to the society in which we live and exist.

I have not previously traveled to Central America, although I believe through my journey to The Lodge I would be able to create a positive experience in the local community, and also spread the word of this fascinating place with others. I have also written travel articles for various magazines published nationally and internationally. I would love to visit The Lodge to experience what it has to offer and share what I know will be a wonderful experience with others.

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