Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#46)

For children of any age, wonder is intrinsic to their learning. Nature, wildlife, creatures of the forest – all induce great questions. How are these animals different from us? How do they breathe, eat and move? What makes some dangerous, others not? Why are they of different shapes, colours, sizes and looks? It is questions like these that arouse curiosity and provide the basis for a child’s exploration of the universe.

With two kids, aged 12 and aged two-and-a-half, my quest as a mother has always been to stir up their interest in the living world around us. This has taken us, as a family, to museums, zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums, and other places of historical and cultural interest. I believe it is only by experiencing nature up, close and personal that a child begins to ask how, what, where and why.

And what better place to learn this than at Belize where its spectacular teeming jungles, lush rainforests, tangled mangrove swamps, and dynamic coral reefs provide enough fodder to stimulate a child’s imagination? And the ideal place to experience it all? None other than Cha Creek where children are introduced to yet another facet of life through first-hand experience – that of sustainable living and an awakening to the delights of the environment, local culture and natural history.

For my husband and me, it is the gurgle of cascading water around Cha Creek that will still our souls; the warble of the birds that will be music to our ears; and the rainforest walk, our idea of adventure. It is a place where we can experience nature in its most pristine form.

We now eagerly await a voyage of discovery at Cha Creek in true Belizean spirit!

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