Greetings from someone who visited you 22 years ago!!!

The following is an email that Mrs. Fleming received from a friend who visited Chaa Creek 22 years ago:

Dear Mick and Lucy:

On 1988 I had the great experience of staying at your cabins, on January to be exact, and today I was  searching for accommodations in San Pedro, and suddenly I found Chaacreek as a hotel option, it brought me back such travel I made in that occasion with my older cousin, I was then  20 years old, and now 22 years later, I realize how far have you done, and I want to congratulate you both for all the work you have done, it was a beauty on 1988 but now is breathless.

I was reading about Chaacreek history and I remember that on that time I took a cold shower because hot water was not available yet, and neither electricity, even though I had the best experience of my life.

Congratulations again guys for this beautiful resort, and maybe soon I will visit you now with my teenagers boys!

Me imagino que ambos hablan el espanol perfectamente, pues recuerdo que en esa occasion ya lo hablaban muy bien, asi es que, les mando un gran abrazo desde mi bella Guatemala, y por favor, cuando vengan por placer o por negocios, give me a call, sera un gusto el poder atenderlos.

Un gran abrazo para ambos!

Doris I. Garcia
Gerente de Banquetes

Today our jungle lodge has 23 comfortable palm-thatched cottage rooms including two Garden Suites or a Complete Garden Suite with Jacuzzi, two Tree Top Jacuzzi Suites, an Orchard and Spa Villa and a Macal Cottage with Jacuzzi, all nestled along the riverside in a setting of unmatched beauty and tranquility.

Comments and thoughts are always appreciated. What do you think of Chaa Creek’s evolution?

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