Belize Testimonial

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fleming,

I recently visited Belize in the spring of 2009 and was blown away by the beauty and splendor of your country, but also by the way I was able to experience it through the resort. What I appreciated the most was the service and the accommodation of your hotel and the connection I had with my tour guide. With my family’s tour guide, Marcos, we were always entertained on the long bus rides. He had a wide knowledge of everything one would want to know about Belize to keep us awake and interested throughout the long walks and bus rides. Another thing is that he was never late. For example, my family and I went down the river to San Ignacio in canoes to look at the farmers market. Once we were on land, we called for a ride because we knew it would be a long drive from the hotel to pick us up. Then about an hour or two later just as our exhaustion got to us, Marcos came right up to us and took us home while we dozed off. Another aspect of Chaa Creek I loved was the tantalizing food that you supplied so plentifully. The only complaint I have are the bugs. You can’t swat of them. Besides Belize is a jungle not Minnesota. I was quite surprised by the quality and care you gave to your customers, and I want to thank you for a wonderful experience in Belize. An experience I hope to repeat next year.


Nathan Jarvis.

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