Travel to Belize

If you are looking for an exotic travel destination, without having to travel halfway around the world, then you might want to checkout the relatively unknown gem of the western Caribbean, Belize.

Belize has an extremely diverse terrain, consisting of mostly lush, dense rain forests, and coconut palm tree dotted sun bleached beaches lying peacefully next to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea. It’s bordered by Mexico to the north and by Guatemala to the west providing a intriguing mix of different cultures for your culinary and sightseeing pleasure.

If it’s adventure travel you’re looking for, Belize is home of the Maya Mountains, where you can can climb and explore any number of ancient Maya ruins and temples. Hike your way around the magnificent waterfall at Mountain Pine Ridge that pummels over 1000 ft into the forest below, and trickles all the way out to the Caribbean Sea.

Nature lovers will love the Cockscomb Basin, the home of the only natural jaguar reserve in the world, or the barrier reef off the coasts, said to be the second largest in the world. Adventure, history, exploration, and nature. what more could you ask for in a vacation.

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