Valentine’s Month in Belize

Why not make this Valentines’ Day a gift to remember for years to come?

The lodge at Chaa Creek will be celebrating St. Valentine’s for the entire month of
February. The natural beauty of Belize combined with its rich cultural heritage, ancient
Maya temple sites, and warm Caribbean waters, will create an awesome Valentines gift
for lovebirds who want a uniquely romantic time together.

Many honeymooners and Valentine couples have traditionally gone to a sandy
beach, but more recently people have been looking for something a bit different. They
want to take that special trip to remember the occasion, but they also want to be more
intricately involved with the world in which they live, and eco- tourism is becoming a
very popular and more responsible travel option.

The award winning Lodge at Chaa Creek is the perfectly Green destination for this
year’s Valentine’s Celebration. Valentine lovers can experience a globally recognized
sustainable tourism destination within Chaa Creek’s 365 acre private nature reserve
and activities center.

Responsible travelers can pamper themselves at Chaa Creek’s rainforest spa after a full
day of exhilarating adventures including guided horseback riding to ancient Maya temple
sites, canoeing along the sultry Macal River, hiking and biking through jungle trails, and
taking a walk on the wild side with the “Creatures of the Night” safari.

Silken evenings help set the lovers stage with candlelight dinners at the Mariposa
restaurant followed by exotic cocktails at the al fresco patio bar.

If you are planning a special holiday vacation this Valentine’s season, why not add a
special green glow to those traditional red hearts and check out Chaa Creek’s
and Rainforest Wellness Spa packages on our website, for the very
best Belizean holiday ever!

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