A Canoe Built For La Ruta Maya Race

Efren and Omar Ku, two employees of Chaa Creek’s wood work shop were hired to build a canoe specifically for the 2010 Ruta Maya Race. (To learn about the La Ruta Maya Race, please visit the website www.larutamayabelize.com)

With Chaa Creek’s help, Efren  traveled to Canada on two occasions to learn technical skills on boat building.

Efren learned the technical skills on boat building from Ted Moores, a master canoe builder of Bear Mountain Workshop in Ontario Canada.

The knowledge and skills gained on “boat building” opened opportunities for Efren as he can now become an entrepreneur and build canoes to earn extra money. Efren also taught the technical skills on boat building to his colleagues at the Chaa Creek Wood Work Shop.

This is a good example on how technical skills on boat building were transferred from Canada to Belize.

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