Beautiful Belize Eco Resort

My husband, another couple and I came inland to Chaa Creek during our 11-day stay in Belize. We started and ended in Caye Caulker, had planned on staying inland at Chaa Creek only 2 nights and, after being at Chaa Creek for about 2 minutes, decided to extend our stay an extra night. We stayed at the Camp Casitas, which is probably the best value for your money in Belize – if you understand ahead of time that you (as the title suggests) are camping. Our experience at Chaa Creek was by far the highlight of our entire trip. We went on 2 excursions – ATM and Xunantunich. ATM was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. We also kayaked down the Macal River, which came in a close second.
The staff and accomodations at Chaa Creek are top notch. Dosio and his family are in charge of the Casitas, and we very much enjoyed getting to know them. They are honest, kind, hard-working people who, I’m sure, have to put up with whiney, pampered tourists whose unrealistic expectations make their jobs difficult. I wouldn’t say that the Casitas are totally roughing it, but they are exactly what they say they are – platformed tents. At night, you can hear the sounds of the nocturnal animals, which is one of the coolest things about staying at the Casitas. Each night, at about 3:00 or 4:00 am, we were awakened by the distinct cries of the rehabilitated howler monker population and the rooting of the Belizian armadillos. It’s interesting to lie in bed and imagine what the animal that you’re hearing looks like. In my head, it was always much bigger and more ferocious than the real thing. On our last day at Chaa Creek, my husband awakened me at about 6:30 am to show me the family of howler monkies that descended upon the campsite. 3 adults and 1 curious baby hanging out in the trees. Amazing.
Anwyay, Chaa Creek is completely awesome. Stay there. We have every intention of going back again.
PS – Got the 1 hour massage and it rocked. I was so relaxed afterwards, I seriously considered rolling down the hill back to the Casitas.

Source: Trip Advisor

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