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Belize Honeymoon Sweepstakes Essay#23

22 April 2010 One Comment

Belize Honeymoon Sweepstakes

My husband and I got married the beginning of April however because we are both in college we’ve had to put off our honeymoon until the end of May when classes are out for the summer. Both of us grew up in small towns in Kansas and have never been out of the United States. Our love for history and nature is what drew our attention to Belize. The Mayan ruins hold so much history that we would be ecstatic to stand at the foot of one of these historic temples. We’ve been told by countless family members and friends that taking a honeymoon is one of the most important things we could do right now. Many of them regret not having those memories of special times to look back on. They always assumed they could take a trip later but after settling down and having kids they never got the chance.

Working two full time dead end jobs until we get our degrees, and going to school full time isn’t easy, but we had managed to save up enough money for a short five night stay in Belize. However we’ve just recently found out we are expecting our first child, making us think twice about spending that money on ourselves. However I think now, more than ever, it is important to have a few special days to spend with each other. I know the next two years are not going to be easy as we take on the challenges of raising a child finishing our Bachelors and Masters Degrees and working.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek appears to be an incredibly safe, relaxing, and therapeutic environment and we would love to spend some time with you as we begin on our journey as a new family.

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