Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#20

When it came time to select a location for our wedding, my fiancé and I had no hesitation about Belize. The country holds a special place for both of us. Her father owns a non-profit that does work exclusively with Belize, and I spent some time living and teaching there before our engagement. We each have visited the country several times and have fallen in love with it. It was the perfect spot to jumpstart our life together.

That was the easy part, but it was not long before the question of how we were going to spend our honeymoon came up. We began searching the web and it seemed overwhelming. The possibilities seemed never ending, and yet all very similar. There was nothing that made any of them stand out from the rest. There were varying price ranges, and accommodation styles, but ultimately the experiences all seemed to offer the same thing. That was the feeling that I had before I happened upon the website for Chaa Creek. The first thing that struck me was the location. I fell in love the San Ignacio area in the limited amount of time that I had spent there, but that was just the beginning. With every click of the mouse and every new page that opened up on my computer screen, Chaa Creek seemed to become more and more the perfect honeymoon destination.

The images were amazing. Just looking at the pictures for the accommodations made me feel relaxed. I poured over the list of activities and it was as if we had designed them ourselves. My fiancé and I have a love for birds and bird watching. We cannot wait to walk or ride through the site and admire the different species. She also spent time doing research on insects and specifically butterflies, and so when I saw the tour of the butterfly farm, my heart jumped. I love to ride bikes, and can’t imagine an experience much better than mountain biking through the jungle! And of course, with it being our honeymoon, the spa treatments and options all sound incredible.

However, the most appealing thing about Chaa Creek is its story. It was so inspiring to read the story of the Flemmings and how Chaa Creek came about. Its environmentally conscious roots are so refreshing. It seems like any resort can attach “eco” to its name, but it seems completely true with Chaa Creek. I love the idea behind the “Go Green Belize” program and fully support the idea of educating people through experience about how to travel and live their lives in a more environmentally friendly way without sacrificing any enjoyment. It is something that my fiancé and I cannot wait to embark on, and would love to learn more about. We cannot wait to see the farm and ask questions that we can hopefully use to help us in our own endeavors!

Chaa Creek’s story is the kind of dream that my fiancé and I have talked about for our lives. It would be inspiring to start our life together surrounded by evidence that it can be done. We would love to experience all that Chaa Creek has to offer.

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