Birds of Belize

As many as 575 species of birds have been reported for Belize including many erroneous and/or unverified reports. The actual number of species for Belize probably numbers somewhere around 540. More than any other group, birds are subject to reporting from birding groups and tour guides. Depending on the field guide or checklist used by those reporting bird records the names applied to species may vary. There have been some recent taxonomic changes and this list reflects the A.O.U. through 1998. The most recent published checklist is — Birds of Belize: a checklist. Miller, B. W. and C. M. Miller. 1998. Belize Audubon Society, Belize City, Belize. 40 pp. Since publication several confirmed species have been added to the list of birds known to occur in Belize. Individual species accounts are updated periodically as new information is added to the database.

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Source:Future Perfect Travel

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