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Belize Eco Tourism Vacation Sweepstakes

On my return flight home from San Ignacio, Belize I was already trying to calculate my finances to go back. I, along with twelve others, was working with ProBelize to build a homeless shelter for teenage girls. This project, and the town, opened my eyes to a whole new world, to say the least. In the ten days I was there, I learned to appreciate the world around me more than I ever had in my twenty years of life.

The first rule we had to get used to was not flushing the toilet paper down the drain. We made a few blunders, had a few clogs, but a couple days in we had the hang of it. The second, was don’t use the water unless necessary. We had gallons of water to brush our teeth, and showered every couple of days, and somehow it seemed normal to us. The third, and most important rule, was essentially the biggest thing I took away from Belize back to the States: Appreciate what you have, the world is yours to love, not yours to build over and exhaust.

The sad reality is that I cannot afford to go back. I fell in love with the country, the environment, and the way of life. Although I tried to bring back the “go green” way of thinking, some things just aren’t the same. It hurts to see someone pouring cement over a place that used to be covered in flowers when I know that somewhere in Belize, someone’s planting a new flower for a new life.

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