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R.I.P. Mr Peters – Boom & Chime

10 June 2010 7 Comments

-by Lorenzo Gonzalez

One of Belize’s best loved Musicians has sadly passed away at age 79, Mr. Wilfred Peter. He is a Belizean Legend, Mr. Peters and the Boom & Chime Band are notoriously renowned throughout the country and internationally. The band is popular for its distinctive “brukdown” music style and he is recognized to be the best-known performer and innovator of this genre.

Brukdown is a kind of Creole music played on the guitar, banjo, accordion, steel drums, jawbone of a donkey and even turtle shells. The lyrics usually reflect ‘good times’ spent with friends or catchy choruses making fun of people. We will miss you Mr. Peters, you will be remembered in our hearts and in Belizean history.

He was very gifted with his signature accordion which can be seen in many of his photos.

Photo courtesy of Travelpod – Amy&Rob

And was well known to have all the “sweet” moves… as seen on the video below.

Mr Peters performing (Run fu yu life) 2006, The Lord Rhayburn Music Award in Belize.

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