Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes #6

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes

I would very much love to win this trip to Belize. I have wanted to go to Belize for quite some time now, because I know how incredible it is. I have seen much of the world, but still not enough and there is still much more to be seen. I think if God exists-and I do believe he exists, then He would have created a place like Belize so that people could go there and experience everything, take it all in. What’s the point of such an amazing place being here on earth if I never even get to be there?

I want to go to Belize and do everything and see everything and know just how amazing everything is. I think I would like to go with my good friend Lauren, and we would not waste an opportunity like this. We would go snorkeling and jet skiing, and even visit the zoo and if anybody in this world deserves to do these things, I think Lauren and I would make good candidates. I think that Lauren is a good person and that she deserves something like this. You see, being college students we both live our daily routine lives working hard to get somewhere we’re not sure of yet. But for now, Belize would be a great temporary destination.

The Chaa Creek Village is an incredible place and we would love to be able to spend our time there. I think if we got the chance to, we would really make the best of it. Given the chance to visit a place like this, I would be forever grateful. Good things deserve to happen to good people so I hope we get the chance to win. I’m glad that the contest allows for two people to go on the trip though. I just don’t think something like this would want to be shared alone. You see, that’s why it’s great cause like I said, I think Lauren and I would be great for it.

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One thought on “Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes #6

  1. I want to introduce you an beautiful place ,I hope you like,I work from a Franch man and he want to sail this work ,if you have interesting or now some one who has please tell me!
    I have all informations you want,the place is 180km from Rio de Janeiro down town and 100km from Buzios and other places in the sea like Macaé and others!!
    It is in the middle of a preserved area of atlantic rain forest.


    thank you!

    Best regards!

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