Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes #7

I don’t want to go to Belize just because it’s lovely and grand, or because I have such a stressful life and I just need a vacation. I want to go to Belize because I want to take the best person I know there. When I first met Peter, I was very depressed and very insane.  Since I’ve met him, he’s saved my life in many ways and I love him dearly.

Peter lives in New York; I live in California. I understand that there are truckloads of people who are in long distance relationships, but I feel like things are particularly unfair for us. Peter is a soldier and will be situated in Afghanistan next fall. He loathes it when I tell anyone about his “situation”, he hates pity; he feels any kind of sympathy is unwarranted. If you see this essay ever Peter, I’m sorry I brought it up. I think I am more worried for him than he is. It kills me a lot. I just want to take him somewhere beautiful before then.

Things are not fair, but that is not any kind of new revelation. I don’t really know why I am writing all of this since the sweepstakes in chosen entirely by random, it’s pretty dumb of me. There is nothing I would like better if I could take Peter to Belize before he has to go to such an ugly and hellish place.

Why Belize?  Peter and I joked about going to Belize a couple times. We would send each other pictures of Belize back and forth, commenting on how the place seemed so unreal. There were times when Peter and I would sneak out of real life to go on road trips. They were always the best; we always have the best time. I would love to take Peter to Belize because if there is anyone who deserves this trip, it is him.

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