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Why It Would Be A Dream Come True For Me To Vacation In Belize At The Lodge At Chaa Creek

18 August 2010 One Comment

Why It Would Be A Dream Come True For Me To Vacation In Belize At The Lodge At Chaa Creek

My daughter, Maya, the light of my life, was born in Guatemala.  She came to us when she was eight months old and we adopted her into our family and our hearts.  The opportunity to show her the beauty of her first home in Central America is an important one.  It’s part of her heritage and I would love to be able to bring her to the amazing Chaa Creek.  There is so much to experience and learn!  I’ve spent hours on the Chaa Creek website, soaking in descriptions of this beautiful place.

Maya is attending a school with a nature-based curriculum, because we know the importance of appreciating the fragile world around us.  Showing my daughter the birds, butterflies, and other creatures of the Rainforest at Chaa Creek, would be an experience we would never forget.

The Tikal Tour would take us to the past capital of the Mayan empire in Guatemala.  Central America is rich in the history my daughter has heard about, but not seen since she was an infant.  The choices offered by Chaa Creek for day tours are fascinating and wide ranging – experience the ancient world of the Mayans and then return to the luxury accommodations at Chaa Creek.

Adventure travel is something I hope to introduce to my daughter early in her life.  This is a chance to horseback ride, canoe, snorkel, and hike in one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world.  And this place is also the area where she was born!  Why would I like to vacation in Belize at the Chaa Creek Lodge?  Because it would be a dream come true for myself and my daughter.  Thank you for the opportunity to discover Belize and win a trip that would expose my daughter to her heritage.

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