And there it was, in Belize: the remnants of the Mayan empire.

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#29

I wanted something way out of my budget in the first place – Tahiti and Bora Bora. But my eyes having seen the beautiful beaches and exotic over water bungalows, I just couldn’t find anything else that would match the luxurious exoticism, adventure and romance. After all, this is my honeymoon I’m dealing with, and I would want every single penny worthwhile.

After spending days and nights searching for a better deal, I gave up Tahiti and turned to the Caribbean. The beach is still beautiful. Hotels, there were many that were very luxurious but they just weren’t exotic enough for my liking. I wanted palm-thatched rooms with elegant wooden floors and furniture – at least something like that, and the atmosphere that tells me “you’re in the Caribbean!” Since I didn’t know much about the Caribbean, I just googled images of “Caribbean villas.” There was one that looked “okay” in Belize. Belize? Where is that? I further researched the place through travel magazines and websites along with other places like Curacao, Turks and Caicos, etc. They all looked similar so I didn’t mind where I go as long as it had somewhere exotic for me to stay.

And there it was, in Belize: the remnants of the Mayan empire. There must be an exotic accommodation I can find in Belize, I thought. The more I looked through the vacation packages in Belize, the more I fell in love with it: Mayan temple site tours, jungle walks, caves, the beach. The first hotel that I almost might have had settled with was clean, luxurious, romantic, and slightly exotic but I noticed it was too far from the beach. I started searching again, and had numerous candidates… until I found the Lodge at Chaa Creek.

I looked through the accommodations, and it was just the kind I was looking for! Especially the Treetop Suites; they blew me away. I imagined me and my future husband in Belize, at a gorgeous AND exotic treetop suite, relaxing in a Jacuzzi. By that time I was already listening to the “Sounds of Belize” from the website, and Tahiti was out of my mind. I showed and told my fiancé what I had found and he also loved our honeymoon idea. On top of that, luckily – I say miraculously – I came across this sweepstakes for a Rainforest and Reef vacation to Belize at the Lodge at Chaa Creek! I’m Belizin’ it. It was destiny. What a place to start a new life with my love…

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