Belize has everything for a perfect vacation.

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#31

I wish to discover a preserved country which combines wonderful rainforests, pristine beaches and clear blue water. I am dreaming about this country that I have discovered through the Chaa creek website and I have never seen so much beautiful places in only one country. Belize has everything for a perfect vacation.  It is a warm place where we can find Nature reserves and a magnificent barrier reef. As I am fond of outdoor activities I find the countryside more attractive than the city and I am eager to go in this amazing country with beautiful surroundings. I also plan to relax in the spa during this stay and eat healthy organic food. I would also like my family to join me if I win to make them aware of what is meant by paradise.

I am also willing to explore the Mayan temples and enjoy Belize culture by meeting the locals. I have studied English for many years and it will be rewarding for me to improve it in talking with the population. This experiment in Central America will enable me to have a green lifetime stay. Chaa creek is the best place for me to stay in Belize because it offers luxury accommodation, amenities as well as green packages. I am concerned about environmental protection of long-term sustainability and I think I would learn a lot about this kind of project thanks to a Belizean vacation. I will be happy to stay in an Eco-lodge that is socially and environmentally friendly. I am willing to be a responsible traveler especially in this gem country.

If I win I would be on the spot just before the 2012 world end according to the Mayan Calendar. I hope I would have realized my dream to go to Belize by then.

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