Chaa Creek Fun Day

by Chaa Creek’s Senior Tour Guide – Joe Awe:

As a Guide at Chaa Creek we are well aware of many things necessary for tourism and development to work – ecology, the environment, and historical, sociopolitical and socioeconomic circumstances of our country Belize. We also know that tourism is a vital main vein that leads to the life of the entire economy. On the other hand, we also know that educating ourselves, friends, guests and neighbors of the importance of this phenomenon of travel, we will help in the advancement of the country responsibly. We also know that we must have fun doing it! 

Chaa Creek Inland Expedition (CCIE) decided to have a day of fun for the kids that are our neighbors at the Lodge. We had a marvelous time! From Piñatas to hot dogs, to sweets and treats, 45 kids between the ages of 5 and 12 and their parents joined CCIE on this day of fun and tug-o-war. We have some great pictures to prove it. Of course we had to educate on sustainability so we visited the Lodge and the natural history center, butterfly farm and rainforest medicinal trail. After which we discussed the importance of water protection and the purification process we use at the lodge and none-the-less, our bountiful composting projects around the lodge. The kids have started to become curious about small projects they can involve themselves in – we hope to help them with the projects they find most interesting.

At the end of the day, everyone was tired; of course after track races, sack races, lime and spoon races, a soccer match dubbed “Chaa Creek versus The Rest of the World”, 2 Piñata breaking, snacking, ice cream, candy and much school supplies for all we now rest happy that we have shared this one day with our youngest neighbors. We plan to do it again! Join us!

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  1. How important is teaching children since it is the future of Belize and promoting the joy and giving happiness to many children, congratulations

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