My latest obsession is Belize.

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#34

OK I have a confession: as a form of relaxation I plan vacations I  want to take but usually never take.  I plan them down to every last detail. My latest obsession is Belize. The trip I planned included a stay at Chaa Creek and a trip to the reef’s of Belize. I researched every Eco lodge in Belize (and many in Costa Rica) and Chaa Creek came up at the very top.

Not many seem to have the mix of amenities with on-sight activities that Chaa Creek has. I  am into bird watching and the birding seems great. My husband is drawn to the kayaking. We both are drawn to the Mayan ruin tours. In college while getting my Anthropology degree I studied with a Mayan Shaman and she taught us Mayan Calendrics. My husband told me he didn’t want to go on another Caribbean vacation where we lay on a beach and drink tropical drinks, he gets too bored by this.

His idea of a great vacation is an adventure that includes hiking and kayaking. I love outdoor activities but I work 60 hour weeks as a film editor and I need a nice tropical drink by a pool and  a massage included in my idea of the perfect vacation. Ahh birding by the pool with a drink seems nice. I have my Zeiss bins ready to go. Chaa Creek is unique in that it will satisfy us both.

We both love snorkeling and many jungle lodge destinations such as Costa Rica, you have no access to that. Another thing that is important to us is supporting a lodge that protects such a large piece of land in the rain forest. Ecotourism may be the only hope for the rainforest.

Chaa Creek is a rare gem in that we can get relaxation and adventure in a vacation all with a social concious.

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