Belize is my favorite place in the whole world!

Belize is my favorite place in the whole world! My love affair with Belize began when my brother-in-law got married and they chose Ambergris Caye as the place they wanted to have their wedding. Needless to say, with the white sand beaches and beautiful deep blue waters, their wedding was picture perfect and provided us with some gorgeous photos and wonderful memories.
While we were there, we explored as much of Belize as we could! We visited some Mayan ruins, which were awe-inspiring and humbling; snorkeled off the reef and saw some gorgeous fish, coral and underwater caves; and trekked way into the rainforest, visiting a spa for massages and lunch and then going cave tubing, which was absolutely spectacular and worth every step on the long trek to get there. We even swam with the sharks and stingrays which, by the way, I have a priceless photo of mysellf with a stingray on my back and, no, I’m not posing for the picture!
For some then unknown reason, one of the stingrays decided he liked me well enough to want to hitch a ride with me back to the boat only I didn’t know he was just harmlessly checking me out to see if I had any food for him, so I’m frantically trying to get this thing off of me, scared out of my mind! My husband took that lovely photo opportunity before he decided to help me out aah, yes, great memories indeed! But despite the overzealous stingray incident, it’s always been my biggest desire to go back and revisit that lovely and magical place.
Ambergris Caye was so laid-back and relaxing, and we loved hanging out with the locals. The mainland was so invigorating and had so many things to do. We loved that everyone drove golf carts everywhere they went, or walked. The only traffic jam that could be construed as one was when two golf carts met at an intersection and each person nice enough to wait for the other person to go first. The food was fresh and always delicious, the drinks were plentiful, and the good times just waiting for you as soon as you stepped off the seaplane and into complete paradise.

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