Winning a trip to Belize would be a dream (finally) come true!

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#27

I thought it was my destiny to go to Belize two years ago, but maybe it was just delayed. After over two weeks backpacking through Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras, my friend and I were looking forward to the highlight of our trip, Belize. Specifically, we had hoped to see whale sharks in Utila in Honduras but missed them by only two days. So, Belize was our last shot. Unfortunately, my limited Spanish landed us on a one-way bus to Guatemala City instead of the ticket to Belize I thought I had purchased. By the time we realized it, we could not find the right bus and ferry combination to make it happen.

Belize is clearly a diving mecca, but there is so much above sea level to explore. With 2012 right around the corner, I’m really hoping to explore the Mayan temple sites and the Sacred Caves. I would love to do some bird watching. I lost my mom to cancer just two years ago, and she seems to follow me and appear in that form now. Of  course, I also look forward to the diving and snorkeling possibilities as well.

If now is the time, then Chaa Creek is definitely the place. Where else, can you enjoy all the eco-tour options, a top-tier ranking, and 365 acres of natural beauty and adventure possibilities? With all the family and travel packages, there seems to be just about something for everyone. The interactive experiences really help you learn about our environment, and the other inhabitants with whom we share it.

Whether we see a whale shark this time or not, I’m sure we will have some exciting tales, pictures, and adventures to share with our friends and social networks upon our return. Winning a trip to the Lodge at Chaa Creek would be a dream (finally) come true!

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