With a little research, I discovered the natural paradise that is Belize.

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#33

In June I proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years (and she said yes!) And as a typical guy, I started thinking about the honeymoon before she started planning the wedding. With a little research, I discovered the natural paradise that is Belize. I have always been involved with outdoor activities from hiking to spelunking to climbing up waterfalls and mountains. I enjoy having adventures, especially with my fiancé along side me. Belize embodies that sprit from its vast rainforests, to the Mayan Ruins, to world class diving and cave exploring. And coming from upstate New York where 85 degrees is considered a heat wave, I can’t wait to experience is the sunny hot days that Belize has to offer. The Belizean coast is a place I could see spending an entire afternoon, just sitting on the beach with uninterrupted ocean in front of us and a rainforest behind us.

Even I read about the Vacation getaway I kept coming back to The Lodge at Chaa Creek. So many resorts out there have just clear cut the local environment, put up some lodging and recreated a manicured and tame version of what was previously there. We could get that kind of atmosphere at Disney World. The Lodge at Chaa Creek appeals to me because the Lodge is built into the natural environment, not on top of it. I want to look outside of my room and see trees, oceans and thatched huts, not a huge resort complex. And of course with a honeymoon we want to take time to be spoiled. By all accounts, Chaa Creek provides a luxurious accommodation that accents the splendors of nature, not masks it. It would be a great place to sit out on the porch, hear the sounds of the rainforest then get up and go for a swim and then settle in for a night of stargazing. And luckily, when I get antsy from sitting still, the 365 acre rainforest preserve located nearby will keep me occupied while my fiancé sits in the sun!

In short, Belize has everything for the perfect honeymoon. Even if we are not so fortunate enough to win the trip to Chaa Creek, Belize is still on the top of our list for destinations and Chaa Creek will very likely be the place we choose to stay! (Though we still would rather win the prize!)

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