Anyone who goes to Belize returns touched in some way

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#39
Anyone who goes to Belize returns touched in some way- it seems to be
a magical place whose elemental purity encourages, if not demands,
that one follow their dreams.  Sometimes I think I was born on the
wrong side of the equator! I’ve traveled for business & pleasure
in Europe, and lived all over the United States, but this tumbleweed
so far has not been lucky enough to spend much time on a coast, let
alone a wildly beautiful one such as Belize.

I would love to visit Chaa Creek & let my modern gadet-addled mind
recalibrate & take in the language of the trees & the chatter of
birdsong, decompress & be washed clean by the jungle breeze. The list
of possible activities reads like a mini-bucket list! I’m attracted
to the horseback riding, jungle hikes, night hikes & of course, who
wouldn’t want a peaceful open-air massage after a day of exotic
adventures, like swimming into ancient caves to cast your gaze upon
the mysterious Crystal Maiden? I especially love the idea of natural
treatments in the spa that are inspired by local ingredients, such
natural muds rich in minerals to revitalize your skin.

I also think the ancient (and living) Mayan culture of Belize gives
travelers a much deeper experience to connect with in comparison to
some other potential vacation destinations where there is less
mystery & just less left physically intact (thinking of the temples)
to explore & consider.

Chaa Creek’s sustainable, socially responsible tourism practices
provide a level of comfort & participation I find deeply appealing &
this is something that is not available in a typical big box, cookie
cutter resort sort of vacation. I love their “About Us” story that
walks the curious through the year by year innovations as Chaa Creek
evolved from a thatched cottage to a nuanced, full service resort
(with lots of options) swimming in accolades.

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One thought on “Anyone who goes to Belize returns touched in some way

  1. Great Essay! Belize is such a beautiful country and I have been lucky enough to experience some of her beauty over the last couple years that I spent there. Horseback riding in the jungles of the Cayo District was one of my very favorite activities and the scenery/animal life was just amazing. It’s the only time I’ve ever spotted a Toucan in Belize.

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