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Everyone needs something simple in their lives, right?

6 October 2010 No Comment

My husband and I have never been on a honeymoon.  We have never even taken a vacation together and we will be celebrating our 16th anniversary at the end of this year.  I’d love the opportunity to take him to Belize and to the Lodge at Chaa Creek.  It would be heavenly to explore a new place to us both and to see things we’ve never seen before up close.  It would just be wonderful to spend some time with him taking in the sights of Belize.

We’re also considering relocating to Belize and it would be so helpful to get a first-hand glimpse at the life we’re choosing to lead.  The Lodge at Chaa Creek looks simply stunning and seems a perfect fit to the type of people we are.  The water in Belize amazes me. I grew up close to the ocean in Virginia and that there is water that looks this clear and gorgeous is simply amazing to me; hard to believe something like that exists out of pictures. One of the reasons we want to vacation in Belize is because we want to bring our kids after we’ve experienced it. I want to show them how much world is there to be explored.

And visiting Mayan temples in person would definitely be better than any history book or website could ever show. It’s beautiful in Belize. Simple. Everyone needs something simple in their lives, right? I want to see the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. I want to be amazed at the wildlife in my backyard. I want to meet new people and take home an experience that will last me the rest of my life. Thanks for this opportunity.  It would mean everything to be able to visit Belize and stay in the gorgeous Lodge at Chaa Creek.