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Please send my husband and I to Belize!

8 October 2010 24 Comments

Travel Stories Contest
By Lisa Kielas
Minnesota winters can be brutal. Driving on black ice, shoveling 14 inches of snow just to get out of your house, and wearing Sorel boots in January are just some of the unique experiences we have. Minnesotans are a tough and hardy breed. However, there usually is a certain breaking point for us all mid March. We start dreaming of anywhere warmer.
My dream this winter would be to experience Belize, instead of another snow and ice filled week in Minnesota! I could hardy imagine the lush vegetation. It might be like the movie Pleasant ville  when life goes from black & white to living color!
I’d snorkel, savor local foods, relax at an Eco Spa, visit ancient Mayan ruins, and hopefully find some wonderful crafts to share with loved ones back home. I am sure I’d take more pictures than anyone would care to see, and talk for years about my wonderful experience! I’d Facebook, Twitter, and blog about my Belize Adventure. I’d shout from the rooftops that Chaa Creek Rocks!
Help bring my dreary Minnesota winter to living color. Let me paint my toenails red, and trade my boots in for sandals. Please send my husband and I to Belize!

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