The Jewel Called Belize

Travel Writing Contest
By: Monica Uselding
Nothing fancy just simple and honest… The sound of traveling to an exotic new land for my husband and I would  truly be a blessing. It has been a long hard year filled with many challenges that so many others face: lay offs, stress at work, family and friend struggles, and day in and out routines. We both have a love for nature and exploration. Photography and diving have been new hobbies and this trip would surely submerse us in a land of mystery. With all the challenges this past year we would not be able to afford a trip of this caliber so this is my shot in the dark for a breath of fresh air.

My travels in the past have never taken me to a world like that of Belize. Lets just say it is a far cry from Door County WI and WI Dells. Well I guess there was Disney and a cruise but lets face it raw nature takes president over a world of fantasy.  I have had the opportunity to travel out of country however my husband has not had the travel opportunities that I have had.  I would love for him to experience the world outside with new eyes. I would love to escape our world for a truly magical vacation and be able to return home with a fresh take on life. I am ready to be humbled by our world and from what I have heard, the jewel that is Belize. I’m sure this would be a vacation of a life time and the creation of many happy memories for my family. So this is my plea for a remarkable escape…

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