Chaa Creek congratulates Western Spirit’s Shane Vasquez on placing 3rd in Belize’s 83rd Cross Country Cycling Classic

Belize’s Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is a traditional annual event that is firmly imbedded in the psyche of all Belizeans as the premier national cycling competition that defines Easter week in Belize.

The race leaves Belize City early Holy Saturday morning as cyclists head to San Ignacio and return to Belize City for the finale. It is a very competitive event that attracts national and international talent from all over Central, South and North America.

Chaa Creek is one of the long term sponsors of Western Spirit and we are proud to congratulate Shane Vasquez for placing 3rd in this very challenging race. Shane along with his two brothers and fellow team members, Larry and Teddy Vasquez are also fellow employees at Chaa Creek.  So, we can proudly say that this is truly a family affair!

Shane Vasquez is Chaa Creek’s IT officer, as well as being the captain of Western Spirit and an overall veteran Belizean cyclist who not only won the Cross Country Cycling Classic 1st place in the past but also placed in the top three slots on two other occasions.

In his own words, although he wished he or a team member had placed 1st, he is grateful for all the team work that Western Spirit showed and happy for the international competition which pushes Belizean riders to be more competent.

Western Spirit is a locally sponsored team who showed exceptional skill and stamina as they dominated this year’s race. The Western Spirit riders performed brilliantly together; they challenged all the other teams and made the race exhilarating to watch.  Fellow team rider, Peter Choto also made headlines by winning many of the road prizes from Belize City to San Ignacio.  A hearty congratulation also goes out to him.

Shane and the Western Spirit team plan to train harder for next year’s Cross Country Cycling Classic and to continue to make Belize proud.

The Cross Country Cycling Classic final results were: The Guatemalan rider Luis Santizo coming in 1st with another Guatemalan rider, Carlos Hernandez placing 2nd and Shane Vasquez following at 3rd.

This year’s Holy Saturday Cycling Classic didn’t disappoint in excitement and we look forward to next year’s race.

2 thoughts on “Chaa Creek congratulates Western Spirit’s Shane Vasquez on placing 3rd in Belize’s 83rd Cross Country Cycling Classic

  1. Congrats to the Western Spirit Team. Proud of you guys. Next year is your turn to bring home the title. Make Belize Proud.

    Great job Vasquez and Choto brothers!!!!

  2. The German fans of Western spirit are proud of the newly excellent result of Shane. We have followed him since he won the junior category, later the main race – and we know that the Vasquez clan and the other guys will make us proud again in the future.

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